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The War Dungeon

The War Dungeon is a private collection located on Vancouver Island, BC. Our comprehensive and broad collection covers the Victorian era and Boer Wars, World War One and Two, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War.

A Stroll Through the Trench 

See the trench and get a sneak peek of our World War One section. 

Our Family History

It has been my absolute privilege to honor the veterans in my family, by creating displays to preserve their memories. In this section, you can find highlights of the family displays currently available.

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An overview of the different sections we have here in the museum, as well as a little history behind each one. 

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War Stories

A collection of named pieces by era,  the tales of where they've been, and the men and women who wore them.

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News From The Frontlines!

Check out what's new on our Facebook feed to stay up to date! Postings every day or two (as the telegraph allows) with informative historical articles, fascinating mail calls, movie reviews, and museum updates!

The Dungeon Crew

Meet the members of our team!



Head of The War Dungeon crew, in charge of procurement, research and overall running.



Second in Command, in charge of aesthetics,  display design, and editing.

Sgt. Major Rooinek

War Dogs Leader

Rooinek is in charge of keeping the other troops in line and ensuring the carpets stay firmly on the ground.

Cpl. Gimli

Tongue Warfare Specialist

Cpl. Gimli is responsible for keeping us warm with cuddling and just being a good boy.  (warning: licks incessantly)

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Vancouver Island, CA

About us

The War Dungeon is a private collection and museum on Vancouver Island, BC. Over the past several years, with the help of friends and family, we have renovated the basement of our home into a large museum. The displays here cover from the Boer War, all the way to the Vietnam War of the 1960s.  

We try to cover all aspects and countries involved wherever possible, and we are always looking to add new and interesting displays to help honor the men and women who sacrificed so much for us. We offer guided  tours upon request as well as on site displays for special occasions.

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