Man the Trenches! 

Here you can find a selection of photos of our trench as it evolves over time.

Heads Up! 

Evening by Trenchlight

Enlisted Accommodations

Officers Quarters 

The Great War

A Place for Games

A Fight in the Sudan!

A Cool Spring Day

Sentry Duty

Winters Calm

Freshly Reinforced! 

The Slow Decay of Time

Helpers Reporting!

Men of the Pacific War

The Frigid Front

Shore it up!

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Vancouver Island, CA

About us

The War Dungeon is a private collection and museum on Vancouver Island, BC. Over the past several years, with the help of friends and family, we have renovated the basement of our home into a large museum. The displays here cover from the Boer War, all the way to the Vietnam War of the 1960s.  

We try to cover all aspects and countries involved wherever possible, and we are always looking to add new and interesting displays to help honor the men and women who sacrificed so much for us. We offer guided  tours upon request as well as on site displays for special occasions.

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