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Here you will find a collection of websites that contain interesting articles and information on different aspects of military history mostly during the 20th century. There is also Links to some recommended dealers if you are in the market for new items we may not have. 

The Imperial German Infantryman 1914-1918

This website belongs to my closest friend and collector buddy, It has really great articles and Photography on uniforms of the Great War, a collection almost 40 years in the making, from father to son. There is few people more dedicated to the hobby and preserving the history than this man.  There is also sections on Canadians in the Great War and The German Afrika Corps in WW2. 

Well worth a read and very informative, there will be more updates coming in the future that expands to other areas.  


Robert Charles Mackowiak Collection

This Website belongs to a very good friend of mine and in many ways inspired the creation of the one you are currently on. He covers several countries from WW1 all the way to Vietnam. Special attention paid to Korea and the dissolution of the British Empire in the 1950s-1960s. 

Very well researched and informative, it offers endless interesting stories and is constantly updated. 


The 8240th 

This website is a collaborative effort between several collectors that en devours to tell the story of the United Nations Partisan Forces in Korea during the Korean War. The website has an incredible wealth of information and lots of pictures detailing insignia, personnel and documents. 

If you have an interest in Korean War, Paratroopers or Special forces this site is for you! 


Quartermaster Militaria

This is a fairly new website, owned by a friend of mine in Ontario. He gets some really excellent pieces and a few of my best ones here have come from from here. He is honest and great to deal with. Items range from 1860 till now and come from all over the world. There is also a few well researched articles to read. 

If you are in the market for some new items, its well worth a look. 


Prospect of Whitby Antiques 

This is another Canadian based dealer and he has some of the most stunning items I have seen in recent years. Some of my most prized Victorian and Early Edwardian items have come from here. He is a fair and Honest man who is always open to working a trade and making a deal. 

If you have an interest in early Canadian militaria and more you cant miss this website. 


 Bruce Bassett-Powell's Uniformology

This website has the largest and most incredible collection of articles on Edwardian and Victorian uniforms. Earlier periods are also covered as well as other countries. The website can be a little daunting to navigate at first but once you get the hang of it the questions it can answer are very helpful. 

If you have an interest in collecting this period or perhaps in painting scale models this website will help you immensely. 


The Canadian Soldier Militaria

I have done quite a bit of business with this dealer as well and I would highly recommend him for anything you may be after. The store often contains items from prior to WW1 up into WW2, special focus given to Canadian Items. 

There is also on occasion some incredibly rare antique firearms available. Well worth adding to your list of websites to keep checking back. 


RC Sigs Militaria 

One of the best resources online for anyone interested in the Royal Canadian Signal Corps and its history. I have worked with them on a few articles and the website is really helpful when you are trying to figure out the life of a signalman. There is also multiples examples of Uniforms and equipment.


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