The Might of the British Empire

From all corners of the empire, men of every race color and creed answered the call to defend Great Britain and her allies. fighting on every front of the war. The sons and daughters of the commonwealth would give their lives in the pursuit of freedom.

A Telegram Calls for Armistice

John Statts incredible grouping commemorates the end of the Great War and fascinating service in the Canadian Engineers Motor Airline Section.

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The Greatcoat of Josiah Dawes

Josiah's short adventure took him right to where the war began just in time to see it end, he would serve the last week of the war with the 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles .                    

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35 Years on Land and Sea

George Holbrow Lang rose from the rank of Midshipman to Captain, he would fight across the South African Veldt in the Boer war to the cold Atlantic in WW1 and beyond. 

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The Empire of Germany

The soldiers of the Fatherland would march to war against enemies in the east and the west, her ships patrolled and fought as far away as Africa, Asia and south america. The industrial Might of Germany would help to churn the fields of Europe into a blasted hellscape. These men and women would serve bravely, fighting for their Kaiser and for Germany. 

Tannenberg to Fort Vaux and beyond

Hermann Rohers would serve in several different regiments from 1911 till the end of the war. Fighting at nearly every battle on the Eastern front he would go on to battle the French British and Canadians. Earning the Iron Cross for bravery and a wound badge in 1918 while serving on the western front. 

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The United States of America

The United States would join WW1 late in the war, reluctant to get involved in a foreign war sentiment changed over time and several key events led to the US declaring war on Germany and bringing the Industrial Might of the worlds rising super power to bear. 

To France with the "Bloody Buckets" 

John Buss Jr. would serve in France with the 110th Infantry Regiment of the 28th Division. He would be wounded in 1918. 

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The War Dungeon is a private collection and museum on Vancouver Island, BC. Over the past several years, with the help of friends and family, we have renovated the basement of our home into a large museum. The displays here cover from the Boer War, all the way to the Vietnam War of the 1960s.  

We try to cover all aspects and countries involved wherever possible, and we are always looking to add new and interesting displays to help honor the men and women who sacrificed so much for us. We offer guided  tours upon request as well as on site displays for special occasions.

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