The Korean War

The Korean War is often refereed to as the forgotten war, often overshadowed by the Giant Conflicts of WW1 and WW2, then overshadowed for difference reasons by Vietnam. Well here it is not forgotten, we strive to collect preserve and tell the stories of men and women who fought and served. 

Korea pitted 22 United Nation countries against the Military Forces of North Korea, China, and to a lesser extent the Soviet Union. It was the first time the UN formed together to fight and coincidentally the last time they were ever useful. The War saw huge armies moving Hundreds of miles and undertaking massive amphibious landings, air campaigns of thousands of the new jet aircraft streaked across the sky Soviet pilots met Americans for the first time in combat. 
On land the war would move the length of the peninsula several times and the south Korean Capital of Seoul would change hands nearly 4 times during the war, being reduced to rubble by the end. The freezing winters with horrible wind and mud were rivaled only by the sweltering summer dust. Korea was an unforgiving environment, the fighting was hampered by political decisions and infighting with the command structure, fears of all out Nuclear War terrified the US government into a strategy of deescalation and limited war. There is people who believe we should have and could have liberated the peninsula, just as others fell the outcome was a victory. 

Ultimately the War continues to this day, the anti western rhetoric from the North Koreans remains as strong today as in 1950. One thing is for sure though, if it wasn't for the sacrifice of those 22 UN countries South Korea would not exist today. That right there is reason enough to remember this war and honor those who served. 

The United States of America

And when he gets to Heaven, To St. Peter he will tell: One more soldier reporting sir, I've served my time in Hell.

Machine Guns and Mortars

Follow the life of Infantryman Robert Paxton as he battles from the South Pacific to the mountains of Korea.

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7 Days in Hell 

Witness the service of George Waselinko and his 7 days in Korea, told in part by a man who knew him and was there.  

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Demolitions to Wrenches 

Follow along with the tale of Victor Smith, that spans 25 years and covers nearly the whole of Asia, with the Marines and the Airforce. 

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A Cowboy in Korea

Charles Nyte would fight in Korea during the Battle of the Outposts, He would serve with distinction and be awarded the Purple Heart for being wounded in action. 

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With the Navy in Korea 

Edward Dunn would enlist in the Navy to do his part in Korea, he took many photos which give us an interesting look into his service.  

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A Silver Star and Purple Heart 

WIlliam Stokley Served with the China marines following WW2 and with the 1st Marine division at nearly every battle they fought in. He would win the Silver Star and Purple Heart at the Famous Battle of the Chosin Reservior. 

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Three Decades at Sea

Follow Capt. Frank Quinn from the Atlantic to the Pacific and beyond. Tales of heroism, Nuclear War and the Space Race.

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31 years of Mud and Blood

The incredible story of Col. Charles Brown, from the towns of Germany to the mountains of Korea and the jungles of Vietnam.

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Hedgerows to Hilltops

Howard Elliott served during WW2 with the 4th Armoured Division, he fought through Normandy, Germany and more then reenlisted to serve in the Korea in 1950. During Korea he would experience the Brutal Chosin Reservior campaign. 

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Great Britain 

Over the Hills and Far away, for King and Country

Major John Durbin 

Major John  Durbin enlisted as soon as he was old enough, catching the tail end of WW2. This would kick off a career that would carry him to nearly every corner of the empire. From Korea, to Africa and the Mediterranean , he had a front row seat to the fall of the British Empire. 

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Captain David Stevens

Captain Stevens served in several tank regiments during the national service years of the 1950s. he would serve one tour in Korea with the 1st/5th Royal Tank Regiments.

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The Dominion of Canada

With the 25th Brigade in The Land of Morning Calm

With the 1st Battalion PPCLI in Korea

George Whites grouping is an incredible time capsule of history, with multiple uniforms and all sorts of personal effects. He served in Korea fighting with the HQ Company even being wounded while in the frontlines. 

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A Most Incredible Armlet 

From humble beginnings in Vancouver to serving with the Imperial Japanese Navy in WW2, Hiroshi Ohori would go on to serve in Korea, the Suez and more through during his 14 years of service in the Military.  

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Belgium & Luxembourg

Corps de Volontaires pour la Corée "BELGIANS CAN DO TOO!"

The 55 Nights of Chatkol

Claude Billet would travel from his homeland to fight on the desolate Hilltops of Korea during the later part of the war. He would be awarded the Bronze Star at Chatkol for Bravery as part of the Belgian Paratroopers Brigade. 

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