The Second World War 

The Second World War was the most devastating and largest conflict in human history, so far reaching and wide spread that I doubt there is a single person on earth who doesn't either know about it or have a personal connection to it.

From the fields of Alberta harvesting grain, to the factories of the Soviet Union and jungles of the South Pacific, this war was fought on every front imaginable and by people from all walks of life. Millions of Indian, African and Asian troops left their homelands to fight. Men and women from nearly every country on earth fought and died across countless battlefields. 

The stories are endless and can offer us a small insight into the world and the horrors some of these people faced. This website is not political and all uniforms and artifacts are presented for their historical importance, with their own stories. 

The United States of America

Hedgerows to Hilltops

Howard Elliott served during WW2 with the 4th Armoured Division, he would fight through Normandy, Germany and more then reenlist to serve in the Korean War in 1950.

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Machine Guns and Mortars

Follow the life of Infantryman Robert Paxton as he battles from the South Pacific to the mountains of Korea.

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Demolitions to Wrenches

Follow along with the tale of Victor Smith, that spans 25 years and covers nearly the whole of Asia, with the Marines and the Airforce.

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31 Years of Mud and Blood 

The incredible story of Col. Charles Brown, from the towns of Germany to the mountains of Korea and the jungles of Vietnam.

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Three Decades at Sea

Follow Capt. Frank Quinn from the Atlantic to the Pacific and beyond. Tales of heroism, Nuclear War and the Space Race.

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Nazi Germany

Howitzers to Trombones 

Read the amazing true story of German Artillery Lt. Toni Brednel. He would fight on all three European fronts for nearly the entire war.  

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With the 103rd at Stalingrad

Soldat Fischer would serve with the 103rd Infantry Regiment. They would meet their final end in 1942, at Stalingrad.

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The War Dungeon is a private collection and museum on Vancouver Island, BC. Over the past several years, with the help of friends and family, we have renovated the basement of our home into a large museum. The displays here cover from the Boer War, all the way to the Vietnam War of the 1960s.  

We try to cover all aspects and countries involved wherever possible, and we are always looking to add new and interesting displays to help honor the men and women who sacrificed so much for us. We offer guided  tours upon request as well as on site displays for special occasions.

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