The War on Terror is still ongoing and arguably started before 2001, the major scope of this collection will no doubt come from the central conflicts of 2003-2014.

I am not here to comment on the moral or political aspects of these wars, I am here to record and tell the stories of the brave men and women who fought and died across the burning sands, steep cliffs and tight corridor like cities of the Middle East. 

Armies throughout history have fought across the desolate landscape of these regions and many have met their doom. Some say we lost and some say we won, I suppose both are true to some degree but what is important is we get the stories of those who where there first hand recorded. These are the stories that will help us understand the conflict and what it was really like on the ground, I don't think a lot of people really understand what the war was like over there and I very much look forward to learning more about it so I can pass that knowledge on to future generations.

To all of those who served and all those who contributed to this collection, I cannot thank you enough.

The Great War on Terror


The men and women of the Candian Armed Forces served with distinction during the War on Terror and continue to do so on battlefields around the world. Always ready to step up to the plate and support our allies, Canada has a proud military tradition that carries on into the 21st Century.

More than 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces members served in the campaign which lasted over a decade. The war would claim the lives of 158 Canadian Soldiers and 7 civilians.

Blood in the Sand 

A memorial to every Canadian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan, with small bios about who they were and the lives they lived. Take a moment to learn the story of these brave Men and Women who traveled so far and paid the highest price for freedom. (Ongoing upload not finished) 

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Max and the Regiment De Hull

My friend Max served with the Canadian army in Afghanistan, we are working on putting some of his experiences to paper so I can include a history of his time in the military. 

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Sapper Thomas with TaskForce 1-10

My friend Dayne served in the Royal Canadian Engineers in Afghanistan, we are fortunate he has penned a great story about his experiences and provided many photos. Have a look and get a small taste of the scorching sun and bitter sands.

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A Dancer in the Desert

Sarah would travel from Canada to Afghanistan taking part in entertaining the troops. Like Marilyn Monroe and Bob Hope before her these performances would be critical for morale. 

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United Kingdom

Great Britain and the United Kingdom would answer the call to fight Terrorism
and march back to the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Like the great Lord Roberts and khaki clad soldiers of eons past they would find themselves fighting across barren rock strewn plains, sheer cliffs and against an enemy that was nearly indistinguishable from the civilian population. Water was scarce but gallantry was not and the soldiers of her majesty Queen Elizabeth distinguished themselves on many occasions. The Men and Women of the Armed Forces served with honor and I am proud to be able to tell some of their stories here.

635 Soldiers of the United Kingdom would pay the ultimate sacrifice between 2003-2014, the last time the British Empire marched into this desert landscape was in the 1870s and they lost 1057 soldiers. To draw some other parallels the Sudan War of 1898 cost 700 British lives, and the First Boer war of 1881 cost some 408. We hold these battles and events in high regard and the military history of them is heaped in legend. I hope to record some of these new events and battles for the history books, they are worthy of the same remembrance and we have the chance right now to capture it all and learn from them. 

Jack Fletcher Royal Engineers reporting!

Jack Fletcher would do 3 tours overseas between 2004 and 2011, I am pleased to know him and to be able to share some of his stories with you. coming soon...  

Coming soon.

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