The Age of Victoria

The Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria from 1836 to 1901 was one of the most incredible periods in human history. in that time frame the technological advances ushered in the industrial revolution and the modern age. we went from muskets to machine guns, from sails to steam and watched electricity become part of everyday life. It was also the birth of Romance, Schooling for children and many other social advances that we often take for granted.

Great Britain during this period was the most powerful Country on earth, the sun never did set on her Empire during this time. Queen Victoria's soldiers brought civilization and waged war across nearly every continent. From the dark jungles of the Congo and Deserts of the Sudan to the cold battlefields of Russia and Canada beyond. This was the age of high adventure and exploration, it captures the imagination and has endless appeal for research. Below you will find some of the named pieces in out collection that cover this period. 

An Air Marshal's Doublet

From Africa to Mesopotamia, Australia to Europe, Sir Charles Burnett lived a life of high adventure and incredible responsibilities. 

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35 Years on Land and Sea

George Holbrow Lang rose from the rank of Midshipman to Captain, he would fight across the South African Veldt in the Boer war to the cold Atlantic in WW1 and beyond.

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Mountain Guns across the Khyber

Gunner David Vickers would serve 22 years in the British Army. He would fight in the North West Frontier of India during 1897 and have a critical role in the famous Battle of Dargai Heights!

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Adventures Abroad by Steam and Sail

David Blake served on steamships for over 20 years as a Merchant seaman during the late Victorian Age. His travels would take him all over the world, across the rough Atlantic. 

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With the Guns of the Empire

John Henry Rowe would serve over a decade away from home defending the empire, from Egypt to India he would experience all the Adventure of a Victorian Soldier during the 1880s-1890s. He would even take part in the Recapture of Omdurman during the Mahdist War! 

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